Life Jewelry & Miss Ruthie's Kids...Medical ID Jewelry

    Medical Emergency ID Jewelry for Children, Kid's and Adults as

Charms, Bracelets, Pendants Made of Sterling Silver and 14K Gold,

14K White or Yellow Gold Plated Alert Jewelry

***Medical Bracelets Custom Fitted to Wrist Size for Infants, Children,

Kids & Adults 


(3) Color Coded Series Available Below

       Series available in :  Precious  metal/ Sterling Silver & 14K gold 

Series available in: Promotional 14K Yellow or White gold plated

Series available in: Budget 14K Yellow or White gold plated

Miss Ruthie's Kids

Life Jewelry

a "fun-wearing" line of
medical jewelry created with
the individual child in mind.
Available in sterling silver & 14K gold.

Budget, 14K white or yellow plated  and

promotional  14K white or yellow plated. 

an adult line of designer
medical jewelry. Available in
      sterling silver & 14K gold. Budget,14K white or yellow plated and promotional 14K white or yellow plated


500 Series-MRK-Medical Charm/ Pendant Series -27 Styles-$32.95 ea.

Rel Series-LJ-Religious Cross Medical Charm/ Pendant Series-
7 Styles-$32.95 ea.

500 Series-MRK-Medical Sports Charm/ Pendant  Series-5 Styles-$32.95 ea. 

1000/1100 Series-LJ- Designer Medical Caduceus Medical Charm/ Pendant Series-19 Shapes-57 Styles-$26.95 ea.

9900 Series-Charm, Pendant or Shoe-Tag. 29 Styles-$20.95 ea.

9600 Budget Charm or Shoe Tag-18 Styles-$19.95 ea.


5400 Series-Watch Strap-Genuine Leather-$44.95

Rel Budget Series -14K Yellow or White Gold Plated-$19.95

3900 Series-MRK -Medical Petite Bracelet Series
20 Styles - $39.95 ea.

1000/1100 Series-LJ- Six Point Medical Caduceus Medical Charm/ Pendant Series-14 Shapes-42 Styles-$26.95 ea.

900 Series-MRK-"Too" Charm/ Pendant Series-34 Styles-$35.95 ea.

4700 Series-LJ - Zodiac Medical Pendant Series - 12 Styles -$38.95 ea


1200 Series-MRK- "Plus" Medical Charm/ Pendant-22 Styles-$34.95 ea.


LJ Breast Cancer Medical Charm/ Pendant Awareness Alert Series-$38.95. 

9600 Series-14K Yellow or White Gold Plated-29 Styles-$20.95

 93900 Series:14K Yellow or White Plated Bracelets-16 Styles-$18.95


Pregnant Pendant : Supplied with 22" inch   Figaro Chain.  $12.95



 98300 Series: Supplied with any 16-18-20-22-24"inch Figaro chain  of  your choice.   9 styles-  $10.95 

600 Series-MRK- ID Medical Bracelet w/ Chain Series-66 Styles-$42.95 ea.

-800 Series-3D Zodiac Medical Pendant ID Series -12 styles - $53.95 ea


1800 Series-MRK- Add-On Medical ID Bracelet Series
3 ID Plate Sizes-90 Side Choices-Starting @ $53.95 ea.


Watch Attachment Series-Medical Charm MRK & LJ - 6 Series- $20.95 ea


3500 Series-MRK-Velcro Medical ID Bracelet Series 
29 Styles-5 Different Color Straps.  Self Adjustable To Wrist Size  8.0 Inches.   Not Designed for Adults With Large Wrists.  $41.95 ea.


Six Point Individual Medical Charm/ Pendant Caduceus Series LJ-4 Styles-

$21.95 ea


Baby Baby Series-MRK-Baby Baby ID Medical Bracelet Series -supplied with extra chain for growth to be put on by local jeweler-3 Styles-$39.95 ea


800 Series-LJ - 3D Free Form Medical ID Pendant Series - 50 Styles - $46.95 ea

MRK-Key Ring Medical Series - 21 Styles-$10.95 ea. -Pewter only

LJ - Pill Cylinder Medical ID Pendant - Also Holds 1 Pill - $59.95 ea

MRK ID Extended Medical ID Bracelets-60 Styles...supplied with a figaro chain - Plate length 1 3/8"-$48.95

Dog Tag Caduceus Medical ID Pendant Series-LJ-12-Styles-$36.95 ea.

MRK Safety Pin Medical Series-Great for sports. Wear on collar or bottom of shorts when bracelets or chains are not allowed. Character-$32.95   Safety Pin $16.95


LJ Character Medical ID Anklet Bracelet  Series- 20 Styles-$39.95

LJ/MRK Heart Medical Charm/Pendant Series-1-3 sizes $27.95 ea.


700 Series-LJ- ID Medical Bracelets: Standard Bracelets to Fashion Bracelets with chain-36 Styles-$44.95 ea.

-LJ - Anklet Medical ID Bracelet Series- 3 Styles-$43.95 ea. -MRK-Baby Baby Character Medical ID Bracelets-$39.95 ea.-60 Styles    

LJ-Jumbo Plate Medical ID Pendant Series-6 styles- $44.95 ea. 300 Series-LJ- Two Piece, Tu-Tone Designer Six Point Medical Charm/ Pendant Series-18 Styles-$125.95 ea. -14K only Priced at $400.00 Gold MKT Gold currently  over $900.00 surcharge to be added. Call for price quote.


As we do all custom work allow 2-14 working days depending on style.

On your order confirmation you will be notified as to when delivery will take place.


Flat rate of $9.00 for all engraving


Prior to manufacturing  all 14K gold items you will be notified to the actual

cost as the market changes on a daily basis for your approval.


Call 732-662-5658


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Our Return Policy
All items returned must be in their original condition and authorized by the factory. 

Returns will not be accepted beyond 10 days of receipt.

All items must be shipped insured and with a return receipt for verification. 


All other returns/repairs will be honored for 10 days from the date of receipt.  After 10 days, any repairs will incur a service charge. 

*Returned items will be charged for engraving of $9.00 for labor-NO exceptions if it is not our mistake. 

*Mistake made by the customer in size of bracelet ordered will be charged a flat $10.00 plus the cost of the reshipping.

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